How To Trade The Inside Bar Pattern 2 Types of Strategies Included

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inside bar indicator

Just make sure to use the inside bar as a starting point for further evaluation of potential trading positions. Inside bars are a valuable indicator of a breakout, but traders can never guarantee that the price will break the way they’ve predicted. A stop-loss order should always be placed on any trade that relies on an inside bar to identify price consolidation. Traders should open a position when the price is still within the range established by the inside bar or when the price breaks just above the upper level of the inside bar.

First candle of pattern is usually the most volatile and fist inside bar after volatile… In this case, you will enter a trade intending to capture small price movements inside a range area, hence, support and inside bar trading strategy resistance levels. The first candle has a tall body, sometimes very large wicks, and is called the mother bar. The second candle has a small body, sometimes having low wicks, and is called the baby candle.

But be aware that, when you’re evaluating data from narrower time frames, the validity of your inside bar evidence isn’t as strong as what you could expect from a daily chart. The breakout of the inside bar candlestick should be in the direction of a trend reversal. For example, if a harami or inside bar candlestick pattern forms after the resistance level break, the inside bar candlestick should break in the bearish direction. In case of a support level breakout, the inside bar candle should break in the bullish direction. The inside bar is a two-candlestick pattern that signals trend continuation or reversal. The first candle of the pattern is usually large, called the mother candle, while the next candle is a small candle having low wicks, and is called the baby candle.

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This indicator is a very simple tool created specifically for experienced Straters. It was created for those Straters who fully understand the Strat Scenarios, are in need of an easy to use tool, and do not want or need a lot of messy markings on their chart. The indicator simply allows the user to color code the Strat 1, 2 ,3…

By the time you wait for the price action to move swiftly in one direction, you’ve already sacrificed a huge chunk of your would-be profits. When an inside bar develops, it signals consolidation that could preview a breakout coming in the near future. But to capitalize on this breakout potential, you need to identify whether the breakout is likely to result in price appreciation or depreciation. This indicator finds candlesticks which are confined within the range of a previous candlestick.

Finally, pay attention to the size of the inside bar relative to the mother bar. In general, a smaller inside bar relative to the preceding bar is a stronger indicator of consolidation ahead of a breakout. When the size difference is slight, the strength of that indicator is reduced. Use the proportions of this inside bar setup as you evaluate trade potential moving from one day to the next. Here I have explained a simple trading strategy using the confluence of support or resistance zones with the inside bar indicator.

It shows the ineffectiveness of this trading strategy in a sideways market. It is a versatile indicator which tells the market trend, and highlights momentum. It is not surprising that many traders have designed trading strategies using the MACD indicator. Enter your email below to get some of the best price action, technical analysis and automation indicators – FREE.

You can get access to this indicator for free after enrolling in the candlestick patterns course. If you read the psychology of each candlestick pattern, you’ll learn a lot of advanced price action techniques. First, find an inside bar pattern at the break of support zone using the After this, wait for the break of the high of the inside candlestick and then open a buy trade. We have also made an advanced candlestick patterns indicator with a candlestick patterns course.


Additionally, the volume provides another confirmation that buying pressure is building up. Visit the NinjaScript File Sharing discussion in the NinjaTrader user forum to interact with fellow traders and the NinjaTrader support team. Finally restart the MT4 platform and attach the indicator to any chart.

Pivot points are an excellent leading indicator in technical analysis. The above screen shows the indicator’s “Parameters” settings, where you need to select the timeframe on which the InsideBars indicator should search and mark. Once the InsideBars have been searched, it is further possible to switch between timeframes, but on which the InsideBars from the selected timeframe are still marked (see below). Get ready to receive three amazing chart pattern videos that are over 30 minutes long straight into your inbox. So, a buying signal is given once the third candle closes above the previous bar.

Support and Resistance Levels Trading Strategy

Hello traders,

I would like to present you Compression support&resistance script. The idea behind is to look for areas of price compression(inside bar candles). Basically the S/R lines are created after three candles that are formed in certain pattern and volume conditions.

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Based on the analysis of patterns, the indicator can determine the likely further direction of the trend reversal / continuation. As with any chart pattern, though, inside bar trading isn’t perfect. It isn’t reliable when applied to shorter time frames, which can make it less effective for day trading and intraday trading. Inside bars are more common on these shorter time frames, so traders looking for inside bars are likely to get a lot of “false positives” when looking for breakout potential. Traders who frequently turn to inside bar trading are typically traders who build their strategies around price-action trading. To help identify the direction in which the price might break out, always consult the day bar trend as well as Fibonacci retracement and other applicable chart patterns and technical indicators.

Generally, although the inside bar is a two-candle pattern, the next candle after the second is a crucial one. As a matter of fact, the trade will be taken once the third candle is over. Stop loss placement is typically at the opposite end of the mother bar, or it can be placed near the mother bar halfway point (50% level), typically if the mother bar is larger than average. KT Inside Bar indicator MT4/MT5 plots the famous inside bar pattern in which the bar carries a lower high and higher low compared to the previous bar. It adopts the simple approach of using MACD as a trend indicator and the inside bar as a low-risk trade trigger.

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This chart pattern, which uses three peaks (2 “shoulders” and one “head”), is a predicting indication for a negative market reversal. A distinct chart pattern that indicates a shift in trend from bullish to bearish. The pattern appears as a baseline with three peaks, the highest being in the center and the other two being quite near in height. With our Inside Bar Superior Indicator you can locate the two-bar price action trading approach known as an “inside bar pattern”. It is one in which the inner bar is smaller and falls inside the high to low range of the preceding bar.

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In other words, it is a bar that has a high that is lower and low that is higher than that of the previous bar or candle. Right click with your mouse button in the chart with the indicator attached onto it. Click with your right mouse button in the chart with the indicator attached onto it.

Is Inside bar a good strategy?

Inside bars are probably one of the best price action setups to trade Forex with. This is due to the fact that they are a high-chance Forex trading strategy. They provide traders with a nice risk-reward ratio for the simple reason that they require smaller stop-losses compared to other setups.

I share my knowledge with you for free to help you learn more about the crazy world of forex trading! Nordman Algorithms is not liable for any risk that you face using the software. The software is coded in accordance with a common known concept and Nordman Algorithms does not guarantee accuracy or trading performance of the software signals.

The inside bar formation is completed when the second candle closes within the body of the mother candle. As mentioned above, the inside bar is a two-candlestick pattern that may appear in any market scenario. Identifying the inside bar is not rocket science, and once you have a basic understanding of what it looks like, you will be able to locate it instantly on price charts. You just need to remember a few rules to identify the pattern correctly. Moreover, the pattern could be either a trend reversal or continuation chart pattern, depending on the context of the markets.

  • Here I have explained a simple trading strategy using the confluence of support or resistance zones with the inside bar indicator.
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  • Traders who frequently turn to inside bar trading are typically traders who build their strategies around price-action trading.
  • Still, the inside bar allows you to identify a pause in price action and a good market entry level before the next price movement.
  • When you follow these four parameters, the chances of winning this candlestick pattern will increase.

An example inside bar in both bar and candlestick form is below showing the lower high and higher low than the previous bar. Max_bars – the maximum number of bars back, by which the scanner will search for signals. The parameter limits the number of calculations to speed up the indicator. The peculiarity of using the patterns Inside and Outside bar is that they are used, as a rule, on timeframes from M30 and higher.

How do you use an inside bar indicator?

When looking at a candlestick chart, you can spot an inside bar indicator when a given bar's high and low are fully contained by the bar directly preceding it. This signals a narrowing of price action that can be used to predict upcoming movements outside of this range.

As always, trade in agreement with the overall trend and practice on a demo account first until you fully understand this indicator. The indicator pops up in the main MT4 chart window in the form of 2 colored horizontal lines above and below the actual inside bar. The indicator works on pure price action and does not repaint whatsoever.

inside bar indicator

For more information on trading inside bars and other price action patterns, click here. Futures, foreign currency and options trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment.

This signals a narrowing of price action that can be used to predict upcoming movements outside of this range. So, you cannot trade every single inside bar the same, as you may not know if the trend will reverse or continue. Instead, it would be best to interpret the pattern differently on the market scenario and decide the next price direction. Still, the inside bar allows you to identify a pause in price action and a good market entry level before the next price movement. You can apply plenty of trading strategies when trading inside bars. As mentioned, the inside bar candle pattern can appear in a downtrend or an uptrend and indicate a reversal or trend continuation.

What is inside bar indicator?

An Inside Bar potentially means that the price action recently dominated by the sellers is now weakening. Since price volatility has subsided and the price stayed completely within the range of the previous bar, either buying pressure has increased or selling pressure has decreased.

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